Authorized / Certified Armor Crack Repair System

Product Specifications


The ARMOR® Crack Repair System utilizes a specially knitted fabric that expands as the crack widens. Fabrics that do not expand (such as fiberglass) simply tear or delaminate as the crack widens during the cold winter months. Our fabric, however, stretches similar to t-shirt material. The secret to making our fabric work best is how it is purposely NOT bonded to the court in the vicinity of the crack (sometimes called a “slipsheet”). This allows more movement of the crack without the fabric tearing or delaminating from the surface. Thus, the reason why the ARMOR® Crack Repair System works so well is that it effectively spreads the stress of the crack over a six-inch wide area of expandable fabric.


Although the ARMOR® Crack Repair System will not prevent cracks from developing elsewhere on the court, or prevent cracks from growing in length out beyond the repair, it has successfully kept repaired structural cracks from reappearing on the surface of tennis courts for as long as 15 years. There are some limitations and not all cracks are repairable with our product, so talk to your contractor about your specific court.


All crack repair “systems” are not the same. ARMOR , the original fabric crack repair system, is the benchmark to which all other systems compare. Saying their crack repair system is “just as good as ARMOR®” doesn’t mean it’s true. Of the three most popular crack repair “systems”, the ARMOR® Crack Repair System is the only one that utilizes the proven “slipsheet” technology described above. The completed one ARMOR® repair is the widest of all repairs at thirty-six inches. Narrow repairs tend to delami- nate. And, most importantly, ARMOR® employs two layers of expandable fabric over the crack, whereas the other systems use only one layer. Other systems are promoted as being “faster to install”, since one layer is faster to install than two. But, two layers are proven to last twice as long.


The existing surface must be clean and contaminate free. The repair will not stick to dirt, mildew, pollen, dust, leaves, or loose paint. Scraping the surface of the court and blowing off all the debris is usually adequate; however, pressure washing the court surface is sometimes necessary. In those cases, the cracks should be filled first to prevent water from going into the cracks during pressure washing. Remove all previous crack repair materials that are loose or not bonded well to the court, including any rubberized crack filling material. If you can peel up the old repairs or the existing surface coatings, then they must be removed in order to provide a sound base for the ARMOR® Crack Repair System to adhere. This repair will only be as strong as the surface to which it is bonded.


Installation of ARMOR does not leave margin for error; therefore, it is not a do-it-yourself product ARMOR is sold to and installed by tennis court contractors who have the tools and experience necessary to understand the application. It is absolutely imperative that ARMOR® is installed according to our explicit DVD video instructions. Any deviation during installation may cause this system to fail.


• Do not install when the temperature is below 70° F or when the temperature goes below 60° F overnight. 

• Do not install on overcast days (direct sunlight, not high temperatures, dries the repair best).

• Do not install after it has rained. Give the cracks time to dry out.

• Do not install when rain is predicted or likely.

• Do not install on dirty, damp, or cold surfaces.

• Do not install on cracks that emit moisture.

• Do not install with in-line skating materials as they are too brittle to expand.

• Do not install using Asphalt Emulsion or over old or peeling Asphalt Emulsion.

• Do not use a rubber squeegee or broom to apply the glue and fabric.

does not leave margin for error; therefore, it is not a do-it-yourself product. 


The methods and techniques represented in the Armor Crack Repair System literature have been used successfully to achieve the results described based on our many years of experience. The decision to use any of these methods or techniques, or to use this product, is solely the choice of the user. The ARMOR® Crack Repair System warrants our products to be of merchantable quality. There are no other warranties either expressed or implied or which extend beyond the description of the face hereof. We do not have control of the installer, the application process, the ingredients used, or the weather in which it was installed. In other words, we can not be responsible for job conditions nor quality of workmanship and, therefore, we can not warranty the completed ARMOR® Crack Repair System. This product is not designed to repair all types of cracks. Before using, the user shall determine the suitability of this product for the intended use and the user assumes all risk in connection therewith. This warranty gives you specific legal rights which may vary from state to state.

American SealCoating LLC is a certified installer of the Armor Crack Repair System.