Asphalt Maintenance



Asphalt is a reliable weather-resistant material and can be designed for low and high traffic conditions. It can withstand the harshest of weathers and the heaviest of semi-trailers. From small parking lot additions and commercial parking lots to sport surfaces, our seal can excavate, haul, grade, install rock, pave and then stripe your new parking lot.

Asphalt Patching

In the event that an area of your asphalt begins to fail, asphalt patching may need to be done. Removal and Replacement (R&R) of the failing area is the best method to repair your asphalt. R&R is the process of saw-cutting the perimeter of the patch. The asphalt is then removed down to the sub-base. One of the advantages of this method is that the sub-base can be inspected for failure. Once the sub-base is inspected and is determined to be safe, we install 3-4 inches of asphalt in two separate lifts. Each lift will be compacted. Promptly repairing areas before the damage spreads will save you money and add years to the life of your asphalt.  


Pothole Repairs

Potholes are formed when water seeps into the pavement and the sub-base under the pavement through unsealed cracks in your asphalt. Due to our freeze-thaw cycle, the water will freeze and enlarge the crack or cracks and loosen the sub-base. When the ice under the pavement melts, the shifting in the pavement and sub-base will form a pothole. To ensure the proper repair of a pothole, our asphalt experts use the following materials:

  • Cold-mix asphalt is used to fill the potholes during the winter and early spring months
  • Hot-mix asphalt is used during late spring, summer, and fall seasons
  • Both the cold and hot mixes will be compacted tightly into the hole


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